Extreme Benchrest – 10th – 13th October – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

High power airguns are now achieving performance levels that were never thought possible.  Air rifles of calibers larger than .22 and with energy levels equal to or higher than rim-fire are now being used for hunting and sport.

With an explosion in innovation and development and the need to put these fine products to the test an idea was born.  Top level airgun manufacturers expressed a desire for their products to be showcased and put to the competitive test. Shooters wanted an outlet to showcase their skills with these new super guns…and the Extreme Benchrest tournament was developed.

Extreme Benchrest earns its name with guns being shot at 75 yards out of doors where the elements will test the best in ammunition, rifle and shooter. With very few limitations on equipment, this all inclusive match is exciting and truly a test of long range marksmanship.

Media and Manufacture Representatives from across the globe are a part of the event with top level prizes and awards. Competitors come to participate in multiple venues and talk shop with some of the finest airgunners and celebrities the sport has to offer.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this year’s Extreme Benchrest event!