About Us

MTC Optics was founded in the United Kingdom in 2005 by keen shooters Gary and Sammie Cooper.

Under the mantra ‘designed by shooters, for shooters’, their aim was two-fold: to provide high quality glassware at an affordable price, and to build a range of scopes with an emphasis on practical, rather than gimmicky, features.

As testimony to the Coopers’ philosophy and a range of eye-catching riflescopes, MTC Optics rapidly established itself as a leading brand with airgun and firearms shooters of both sporting and target shooting disciplines. Spurred on by many successes in international shooting competitions, MTC Optics were soon supplying scopes not just to shooters in the UK, but also overseas.

Indeed, such was the global appeal of MTC Optics that, in 2014, the company was acquired by and incorporated into the Diana Group, owners of iconic Italian shotgun brands, Breda and Marocchi, and famous UK airgun brands, Daystate and Brocock.

Having benefitted considerably from the larger purchasing power, distribution networks and management structures of Diana, MTC Optics – and its new US arm, MTC Optics America – has continued its upward trajectory on the world shooting optics stage.

Yet, despite its status as an internationally acclaimed riflescope brand, MTC Optics remains as committed to providing the highest quality, practical and affordable scopes for airgun and firearm use as it did at its very inception. From advanced construction techniques, through camera quality lenses to state-of-the-art crosshair systems, MTC Optics’ current range of riflescopes gives shooters all the features they could ever want to see when they sight-in on their target.