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After the successful launch of the Company’s flagship scopes back in March, MTC Optics have found it difficult to keep sufficient stock to satisfy demand. This has been caused by several manufacturing challenges caused in the uniqueness of the design.

MTC have decided to take this delay to improve the design further based on customer feedback on the initial batches of the Viper and Mamba Pro, which will make an overall improvement to the scopes when they arrive back in stock in September.

All updates will be posted here.

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Optisan EVM Summer Promotion

Optisan EVM Promotion

Optisan EVM Promotion

Optisan EVX 10x44i

In stock now!

Optisan 10x44i EVX

Optisan EVX 10x44i

The (UK only) Optisan EVX 10x44i HFT scope. With its fixed magnification the EVX 10x44i delivers a flat field of view from edge to edge thanks to the high light transfer available on a fixed mag scope. This give an extra depth of field – useful on a scope that the rules do not allow adjustment between lanes.

The EVX 10×44 is in shops now and has a UK retail price of £244.00

Find more info on the Optisan EVX 1044i here

Optisan EVX Summer Promotion

Optisan EVX Promotion

MTC Viper Pro & Mamba Pro Arrival


The first batch of 5-30×50 has finally arrived and are currently going through an inspection process befor being shipped out to shops on Wednesday 11th May.


The production versions are, as you might expect, just a little but slicker than the prototypes shown at IWA and the Northern shooting show last weekend, having a brighter finish and more positive target turrets.


Supply of the 3-18 should be here in a day or so with more shipments of both  due in a week or so. We have sold out of the first batches but expect supply to get more regular in about a month.


MTC is delighted to announce Trenier Outdoors as its USA agents

Jeff Reinert

Trenier Outdoors’ owner, Jeff Reinert has been involved in the shooting industry for years – and is also no stranger to the MTC Optics brand. As a keen shooter, he’s a long-time user of the brand and has worked closely with the MTC Optics development teams in the UK – credentials which, therefore, make Trenier Outdoors the perfect sole agency for MTC Optics in the USA.

For more information on MTC in the USA check out their web site  MTC Optics USA

Viper / Mamba Pro


MTC Viper Pro


The MTC Viper Connect series of riflescopes are the the optics your bullpup deserves. MTC fan David C. shares some vanity shots of two of his happy bullpups.

All it takes is a Viper Connect to make your bullpup happy!

Thanks David C.!
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Commonly used on rimfire and airguns BluePrint mounts double screw fixings avoid the scope movement (creep) of inferior, cheaper mounts. Contact your local MTC Optics Stockist/Dealer for more information on these superior mounts for your MTC Riflescope.

Do you currently use BluePrint mounts? Have you found the double screw fixings and other features to be beneficial? Share your thoughts and comments below!
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MTC Optics fan Baz C. shares some of his thoughts on the Optisan EVX 10x44i.
I've been using an Optisan 10x44i EVX scope recently on my HMR and thought I would give my views on it

It's well made with 30mm tube and has excellent (second focal plane) optical quality, which, as it is fixed mag, gives it a flat field of view and high light transfer

Scope is 338mm overall length and weighs 693g, so it's not exactly compact but also no Hubble monster size either

It has target turrets which lock in place so cannot be moved putting rifle in bag etc, they have positive click 1/4 MOA adjustment which is spot on and reliably repeatable if you dial in (giving maximum 50 moa for both elevation and windage) or the MH10 Reg with lots of aim points, which I like

It's also illuminated and very nicely done with no hint of reflection and with six step brightness with off click between each one so just one click on/off once on your chosen brightness setting , great at night on the rabbits etc

It has side adjustable parallax with optional 3 inch thumbwheel supplied, adjustable from 10yds to infinity

I mounted it on 17 HMR and had it zeroed in about 10 shots, no problem at all at 100yds, I then had a bit of fun on small bits of chalk followed by tennis ball sized potatoes out to 200yds, great fun and nothing to clear up, best add there was no discernible wind so not that difficult with 8.3 inches elevation from 100yd zero and about 5 inches windage even though I couldn't detect any lol, not bad for such a tiny round, and it still mashes the spuds!

I had one dislike with this scope and that's the flip-up lens covers, nothing wrong with them but I still prefer Butler Creeks, apart from that it's excellent.

I was looking through it for several hours with no eye fatigue which tells me the optics are spot on, bright and crisp at all ranges from 10yds to infinity, it comes with a sunshade which I didn't have fitted as it was a bright day with white cloud cover so no sun problems.

I have since been out on rabbits, bit of a bugger with the high crops at moment but got a few on sheep grass, easy with lamp and illuminated reticule.

Altogether a hassle free fixed mag scope which I would recommend any day.


There is still time left to take advantage of our limited time deal on an Optisan EVX. Any Optisan EVX orders placed through July 31st 2016 from a participating UK stockist/dealer will include a free Optisan EVM Scope Mount!
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The Optisan EVX F1 First Focal Plane series of riflescopes is a little different than the typical riflescope. Here, YouTuber Andy's Range gives a brief overview and review of the MTC Optics Optisan EVX F1 riflescope. ... See MoreSee Less

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Viper Connect

I would just like to say thank you for your help & support regarding my recent purchase of my MTC Viper Connect 3x12x32 scope. I am extremely pleased with it & I am now looking to possibly buy another for my other rifle.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me sort out with regards to the reticule problem I had, especially Hannah, Adam, Josh & Tony for his advice also. I was extremely impressed with your showroom & wall of fame.

I currently have Weihrauch & BSA rifles but after experiencing your fantastic customer support I will be looking at buying a Daystate rifle when my funds allow.

Once again thank you.

Kindest regards

ShaunViper Connect 3-12x32