The MTC Optics Extended Warranty

MTC Lifetime Warranty

  • MTC Optics guarantees that MTC Optics rifle scopes are free from defects in materials and workmanship
  • The standard warranty is intended for the original purchaser and is valid for a period of five years. By registering online, the warranty is extended to life
    • Note: This warranty extension applies to telescopic sights only. MTC Optics rangefinder are covered by the standard five-year warranty
  • The warranty extension applies to all MTC scopes sold after 1st January, 2022
  • The warranty commences on date of sale, shown on the sales receipt
  • The original receipt must be/have been provided for the purposes of a warranty claim
  • Scopes should be used as outlined in the MTC Optics User Manual supplied with the scope
  • Other than signs of intended use, scopes should not show any evidence of having been tampered with, or been abused in any way in a manner not in keeping with the purpose for which it was designed
  • The original owner is responsible for returning the scope to MTC Optics (see below). The company reserves the right to charge return postage
  • This warranty is in addition to your statutory rights and does not affect your legal rights in your own country or region
  • Warranty excludes additional losses and expenses direct or indirect.
  • The warranty is subject to the laws of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In other regions local laws apply and can be supplied by the local importing agent


  • Scopes should be used as outlined in the MTC Optics User Manual supplied with the scope. Damage, whether accidental or due to misuse (including damage due to the use of accessories, such as parallax side-wheels, night vision  add-ons, etc), is excluded from the terms of the warranty
  • The lifetime warranty excludes any electronic components such as illuminated reticles and laser range finding modules which retain a five-year warranty
  • Where a scope cannot effectively be repaired under a legitimate warranty claim, MTC Optics will provide a replacement scope, not a refund
  • In the case of obsolete scope models requiring replacement, an alternative model of at least equivalent specification and value will be substituted
  • Lifetime warranty is subject to the completion of the online registration without which warranty will revert to statutory limitations.

For warranty service

  • Initially contact your place of purchase. They will return to MTC Optics/local agent and advise the action to be taken
  • If dealer support is not available, please contact support@mtcoptics.com prior to returning the scope to the address below. You are responsible for the cost and security of this return
  • After receipt of a returned scope, MTC Optics will contact you within 48 hours (weekends and bank holidays excluded) and keep you informed of the status of your warranty claim

Contact information

MTC Optics Unit 3, Raleigh Hall industrial Estate, Eccleshall, Staffordshire ST21 6JL UK

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