VIPER CONNECT 4-16x32 IR AMD2 Reticle

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No other scope looks or performs like it! ! Developed specifically for low-recoil PCP airguns, .22 rimfire and .17 HMR rifles, the Viper Connect features super-short eye relief – just 17mm – for a ‘through the lens’ view that effectively brings you a closer, more focused image of your target.

The Viper Connect's lens array also boosts its field-of-view – almost double at 10x compared to a conventional riflescope.

The new 4-16x Viper Connect has been paired to a 32mm diameter objective lens for the brightest of sight pictures in the trickiest of lighting scenarios. And the centre of the latest AMD2 reticle - can be illuminated to varying intensities.

The 4-16 Viper connect also features a unique cant indicator to assist with adjusting hold over and hold under for those tricky angled shots.

Finger-adjustable and resettable .1 MIL turrets are protected by screw-off caps and parallax can be dialled in via a side turret from just 10 metres. infinity down to 10 metres.

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