KING COBRA F2 6-24x50 2FP

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MTC Optics continue to expand its acclaimed King Cobra range of scopes with the addition of a second focal plane version of the King Cobra 6-24X50

The second in the series of improved King Cobra products being launched this year, the 6-24 X50 F2 sports distinctive copper-coloured accents, including a front band, side plates and a stylish new copper-coloured MTC Optics logo, and with the range now offering both 4-16 and 6-24 scopes in both first and second focal plane, there has never been a better time to stock MTC Optics Cobra and King Cobra scopes!.

As with all MTC scopes, the King Cobra 6-26 X 50 F2 features MTC’s SCB2 unique multi-aimpoint reticle. Set in the second focal plane (SFP), it ensures plenty of aimpoints to counter trajectory and windage deviation without obscuring the target.

To maintain a bright sight picture, the F2’s 30mm tube has been matched to a high-quality, 50mm objective lens that’s been specially coated to maximise light-to-eye transmission for a bright, clear image on every zoom setting. The centre of the reticle can be illuminated red, to one of six brightness levels to suit any lighting scenario; this scope sees the day long after the sun has dipped below the horizon!

The new scope also features click-stop adjustment in MILs (1 click =1cm at 100m), actuated via lockable, finger-adjustable elevation and windage turrets.

Of relevance to air gunners is this scope’s ability to parallax down to just 10 metres via a smooth sidewheel. And in common with many other MTC Optics models, the King Cobra 6-24 X 50 F2 comes complete with a set of magnetic flip covers, the rear one of which contains a 2x magnifier to help shooters read the parallax and turret verniers.

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