Blueprint Mounts 30mm Picatinny Medium Black

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BluePrint Scope Mounts

Made exclusively in the UK by Sportsmatch these double-screw mounts are available in low, medium and high format, with 25 or 30 mm rings and rust-proofed mounting screws

9.5 – 11.5mm (3/8″) dovetails

Commonly used on rimfire and airguns BluePrint mounts double screw fixings avoid the scope movement (creep) of inferior, cheaper mounts.

The BluePrint range now also include the following four models for 23mm Weaver / picatinny mounting to suit both 30mm and 1 inch tubes.

Blueprint Picattiny Mounts 25mm Medium T054D

Blueprint Picattiny Mounts 25mm High HT075D

Blueprint Picattiny Mounts 30mm Medium T078D

Blueprint Picattiny Mounts 30mm High HT067D

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